Jason has an ongoing mission:
to support people on their healing Journeys....


Jason Kelly Thompson is available for biological decoding, psychogenealogy and psychotherapy consultations in English, Spanish and Portuguese through

In the consultation we look at a specific issue in your life you want to resolve or the diagnosis given by your medical doctor. Often when many types of therapy have been tried without success, the cause is coming from the person´s ancestors. The programs creating the challenge are in the subconscious mind. The consultation helps bring the programs into the conscious mind to be healed.

When there is a medical diagnosis, we search for the conflicts that help us understand that the pain or illness was a biological solution to some stress in the person´s life. The awareness and understanding are very important in the healing Process. If the cause seems to be ancestral, we concentrate on opening the family tree. If it seems to be from the person´s life, we explore the memorized cellular biological cycles and the Project and Purpose of the person´s life that was created around their conception, gestation and birth. It is an exciting Journey!

For our healing in Total Biology and Psychogenealogy, there are three essential elements:

1) Solving and then understanding (decoding) the conflict underlying the pain, illness, or issue or understanding and then solving if the conflict is still active.

2) Having a new life purpose of your own choosing, free of the project and purpose that came with your conception and birth from your parents and ancestors.

3) Feeling the certainty of your healing.

To schedule an individual session with Jason, please send an e-mail with your time zone here.