Jason has an ongoing mission:
to support people on their healing Journeys....


 Biogenealogy – Freedom from the Ancestral Origins of Disease by Patrick Obissier
 Note: Half of this book is about Total Biology and half about Psychogenealogy. It is a great book!

 Libro Azul de la Decodificación Biológica by Enrique Bouron - www.bouron.net - Total Biology
 Note: This is a wonderful reference book that is easy to translate in Google translator. Available on Amazon.com

 Break the Code of Your Illness by Isabelle Benarous - NLP

 It Didn´t Start with You by Mark Wolynn - Family Constellations

 The Biology of Belief by Bruce H. Lipton

 Five Steps to Healing by Jacques Martel

 The Complete Dictionary of Ailments and Diseases by Jacques Martel

 Memories, Dreams and Reflections by Carl Jung

 What I Believe, C.D.  by Louise L. Hay