Jason has an ongoing mission:
to support people on their healing Journeys....


Four Modules of Psychogenealogy with Jason Kelly Thompson (Four additional modules for teacher certification)

Module I:
 Opening your Tree (no prerequisites)

Module II: Creating your new Happy Destiny (prerequisite: Psychogenealogy I)

Module III: Healing the Subconscious Mind (prerequisite: Psychogenealogy I 

Module IV: Transformation and Practice (prerequisite: Psychogenealogy I and II or III)

Modules V-VIII: Learning to Teach Psychogenealogy (prerequisites: Psychogenealogy I-IV)

Psychogenealogy has been used successfully to assist in resolving fears, phobias and other life experiences and situations including illnesses.

In Module I, the information taught can help to clear limiting beliefs, physical conditions, low self-esteem, and unwanted personality traits.  During the weekend you will learn to identify patterns, blocks and conflicts that have been passed on from family and ancestors. You will learn strategies and techniques to release ancestral patterns. These techniques can be used for one’s own evolution and healing and also in working with clients.  It is possible to re-establish FREEDOM in our lives by understanding the roots of our subconscious programs, and by using proper tools to release them when they are limiting us!

In Module II you go deeper into your tree to find blessings and also release blocks and conflicts that you inherited. Symbolic acts are an important tool in this Process. You become more aware of the destinies of others you were carrying and become free to create your own Happy Destiny. Everyone has the right to be happy!

In Module III you have now opened your tree, done symbolic acts and are in the Process of creating your Happy Destiny. Many things have shifted in your Life in the last year and in Module III we will explore the changes in the subconscious mind. The subconscious is where the programs you inherited are recorded. Psychogenealogy is an expansion of our consciousness bringing the unknown and unspoken into the Light to be healed. In our culture and within family rules, there is much left unspoken. The unspoken is a major cause of our challenges and blocks and even physical pain and illness. Module III includes healing meditations, advanced psychogenealogy techniques, exercises to enhance perception and intuition.

Module IV: Transformation and Practice: decoding relationship and marriage issues, prosperity, abundance and money concerns, how the unspoken (secret) in one generation is ¨biologized¨  in a descendant one to three generations later. The effects of ancestors on the choice of profession of their descendants. Understanding the power and programs that came with a person´s name.

Modules V-VIIII are for people who want to go deeper in their practice and people who want to teach Psychogenealogy.

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