Jason has an ongoing mission:
to support people on their healing Journeys....

Welcome to this amazing healing Journey! Total Biology and Psychogenealogy offer a revolutionary new way of looking at life, health, illness and healing. Once you start to discover the programs in your subconscious mind, you become free to heal and create your own Happy Destiny. Thank you for visiting my website!
                                                           Peace, Healing and Joy, Jason


bullet.png"I had an illness that never occurred to me could be ancestral. When Jason asked me a key question, I felt the connection with the pain of my ancestor and cried for hours. It was such a relief to discover the cause and a huge release of family pain". Patricia - New York

bullet.png"When I met Jason, I was constantly taking out new credit cards to pay my old credit cards. I couldn´t ask my husband for help. Jason helped me see I was doing it alone because I was living the experience of my great grand-mother who had five children and no husband to help her. She had to do it alone. I am so happy to be relieved of that burden that was passed on to me and destroying my finances and self-esteem". Paola - Manaus

bullet.png"My daughter has suffered for years from a compulsion to go to medical school and difficulty In getting in. When Jason asked me to research our genealogy, I found out my great grandfather died in a rural area for lack of access to a doctor. My daughter was becoming a doctor for him! Now that she is aware of why she wants to go to medical school, she is more relaxed and confident In her studies". Ethel - San Francisco