Jason has an ongoing mission:
to support people on their healing Journeys....


- All our challenges have a cause.

- All our difficulties, pain and challenges have a Solution.

- We are all connected.

- Each part of the tree contains the whole.

- Everyone has a right to belong to their clan.

- Love is everything.

- Every tree can be healed.

- The challenges are not personal.

- Opening our tree and acknowledging our ancestors is healing for us and for the clan.

- Our healing goes back to our ancestors and forward to future generations.

- For the brain and subconscious, the symbolic, physical and imaginary are all the same.

- Our conscious and unconscious memories, perception and intuition work together in our decoding Process.

- The soul of the clan has a tendency toward balance.

- We live in a generous Universe that gives us the opportunity to solve what was not solved in our tree.

- We have a tendency to complete what our ancestors did not.

- If I am happy, I bring happiness to my clan!!